Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Missed the Memo!

Tutankhamun the Golden King and the Great Pharaohs exhibit was open from December 31st 2012 through January 6, 2013, in Seattle. The exhibit has returned to Egypt.

An Amtrak passenger locomotive featured a stunning graphic, promoting the King Tut exhibit.  Amtrak and a number of sponsors included Northern Trust, National Geographic, Pacific Science Center and others.

And I missed the memo!

During the display at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle, the Amtrak 470, adorned with remarkable graphics featuring King Tut, ran the "Cascades" route between Eugene Oregon and Vancouver British Columbia.

Railroad Stuff:   AMTRAK 470 was part of 23-unit order, filled by General Motors in LaGrange between April and December 1998. Model F59PHI - P=Passenger, H=Head End Power (sometimes called 'hotel' power for the passenger cars, I=Isolation Cab, providing for increased crew comfort.) The prime mover - diesel engine - is a V12-710G3C rated at 3,000 hp. Built November 1998, serial number 966722-21.

Amtrak 457 is another example of graphics applied to a locomotive to celebrate a special event. In this case, heralding the 10th anniversary of the "Pacific Surfliner," 2000 through 2010. Model F59PHI. 12-710G3C rated at 3,000 hp, sn 966722, built 8/1998.

There is an interesting story behind 457. When she was first released from the paint shop, passengers pointed out to train crews the word "million" was spelt "millon," an embarrassment that sent her back to the paint shop! 

King Tut photos courtesy Washington State Department of Transportation - WSDOT.

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