Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Article Updates - ILVA & Vale Beijing

Vale Brasil at PDM
In July 2011 I wrote about the worlds largest iron ore carrier, Vale Brasil scheduled to arrive at Taranto, Italy.

The Vale Brasil delivered nearly 400,000 tons of iron ore to Europe's largest steel mill complex.

A year later, ILVA is facing a crisis: Alleged air pollution has resulted in demands that portions of the plant be shut down. Some say the Court Ordered plan effectively shutters the entrie complex.

Here are the details of what has taken place.

•  In December 2011, we reported a near disaster at Vale (pronounced "valley") Resources huge deep-water iron ore terminal at Ponta da Madeira, Brasil.

The Vale Beijing, dropped anchor off the coast of Brasil and dropped off the media radar.

•  January 16, 2012. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) declares her sea-worthy, following an extensive underwater survey of her hull. Inspection focused on the area located just ahead of the house structure, where the cargo tanks abutted the engine room. Divers are required to make the repair!

•  February 19, 2012. A floating clamshell crane completes redistribution of her cargo of iron ore.The Vale Beijing was approximately 2/3rds loaded when the cracks developed with her bow about 20 feet higher than her stern!

•  March 28, 2012. Vale Beijing completes her troubled maiden voyage, delivering iron ore to Vale's Pelletizing Mill located in Sohar, Oman. (She had to go. There are no facilities at PDM for unloading!)

•  April 21, 2012. Vale Beijing arrives back to her builder at Jinhae, Republic of Korea for inspection and repair. 
Vale Beijing under construction at STX Offshore and Shipbuilding in Jinhae, South Korea

•  Today, August 14, 2012. Vale Beijing departed Ponta da Madeira terminal in Brasil, and is en-route to Sohar, Oman, eta September 13th. Where the heck is Sohar?

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