Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GingerSnap Speaks!

"The way a man treats his dog is good evidence of his character. A man who gives a lot of attention to his dog is likely to be an attentive mate and father. A man who ignores, berates, and/or abuses his dog should be avoided." - Chris Carson, eHow Contributor.

Pondering this story about Willard Romney's cavalier treatment of his dog, one can only wonder what compassion he would exhibit as the inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Forget for the moment that Willard is a presidential candidate. And ask yourself, "How would I react if I saw my next door neighbor treat his dog this way?" My bet is you'd be on the phone with animal control "most ricky-tick!"

So my best friend, GingerSnap, is speaking out against Willard's indifferent attitude toward traveling with your pet. And she hopes you will give your pooch a voice in this issue! Simply download this template and paste in your your best friends photo (right click template to save, copy to photo editor, place image).

And send me your creation for posting!

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