Friday, January 20, 2012

Sailing Day!

Time lapse video shows more like "punch out" than "cast off!" USCG Healy and T/V Renda begin squirming out of the bone crushing ice field. Look how long that crack runs in front of Healy! With delivery of petroleum products to Bonanza Fuel safely completed, now beings the arduous journey some 350 nautical miles through ice back to "open water."

In my previous post, my expectation was to put humanity into this story, often overlooked in highly edited and abbreviated mainstream media. The more I dig around, the more I find.

Lt. Comdr. Eric St. Pierre is the Operations Officer aboard the Healy, and explains his responsibilities and safety concerns during this mission, with civilian scientists still on board.

The same ice field the Healy and Renda are transiting is also playing havoc with "The Deadliest Catch" crews. Late Friday afternoon, Healy is underway, and begins the task of digging the T/V Renda from her off-load position.

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