Monday, November 7, 2011

Belated "Happy Birthdays!"

I completely forgot not one, but two, birthdays. Is "old age" beginning to take its toll?

The first birthday I overlooked, was that of my Office Manager and best friend, GingerSnap. GingerSnap - a beautiful Papillion - just had her 5th birthday on November 1st. She is a wonderful companion, very generous with "kisses kisses" and a true joy in my life. Some mornings, when I feel creaky-groany, GingerSnap revives me with her boundless energy when I greet her in the morning!

The second overlooked birthday - "Oil-Electric!" Oil-Electrics 5th birthday was last month, in October!

"Oil-Electric" would not have been conceived were it not for Kurt Clark over in Seattle. I had been complaining to Kurt about the rouse I was experiencing with Railpictures dot net.

Kurt's recommendation, "Do a Blog." The rest is history.

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Scott Duffus said...

Well Happy Birthday then Robert! It's funny, your last comment, your blog was the inspiration behind my own blog. Had I not come across Oil-Electric I may have never bothered with mine. Seeing those photos of Prince Rupert 50 years in the past were what stirred my interest in presenting the changes in railroading on the North Coast that have happened over that time period. Oh, lets not forget about your your buddy "Ginger-snap" give her a treat for me would you.

Cheers, Scott Duffus

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words, Robert :) You've done a fine job of exploring the unique sides of railroading and shipping. Your vision for sharing is clearly beyond the scope of, and now stands alone as a resource for those of us who are interested in the past. A great accomplishment to be sure!

Happy anniversary :)

Steve Boyko said...

Happy birthday, Robert!

What could possibly go wrong with Railpictures dot net? ;) (says he who deleted his photos and account) said...

A special 'Happy Birthday' to my favourite, GingerSnap' such a joy! Hard to believe your blog is that old. Each year it improves with quality and depth. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to details that find the hidden gems and polish them to perfection.

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