Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trestle Fire!

While the BNSF Chuckanut Bay Trestle fire looks pretty bad, trains are scheduled to resume running later today!

The trestle is located a few miles south of Bellingham Washington, on the western shores of Puget Sound.

This is the northern boundary for "Slide Alley." BNSF continues to pay for Great Northern's tidewater route south to Seattle, with ubiquitous mud slides shutting the line down between Bellingham and Seattle during the winter and spring.

Read the full story, plus helicopter views of twisted rails by clicking here. I just called Amtrak to see if service between Seattle and Vancouver BC had resumed. The agent:

  • Had not heard about the fire
  • Said the trains are on schedule
And, of course, local media never follows up on a story.

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