Saturday, January 22, 2011

Railroad Romance!

Port Townsend, today. Who among you dare say the days of rails and romance have passed?

During the heyday of named trains, parlor cars, Pullman sleepers and a cadre of fastidious train crew, railroads were often linked to romance and happy events, captured in big screen classics like "The Broadway Limited, " "It Happened to Jane," and "Twentieth Century."

In addition, dozens more films featured dramatic entrances and exits associated with named trains and depots as the backdrop.

With the intense news of the past few weeks, it was refreshing to read a "Happy Day" news story involving romance and, of all organizations, Amtrak!

As I understand it, two college students, living on opposite ends of the Amtrak "Cascades" run between Seattle (Washington) and Eugene (Oregon) stuck up a relationship, which, over time, resulted in them meeting "half way" at Centralia (Washington) to spend weekends together.

After wooing his intended for seven years, the soon to be groom mustered up the courage to make the proposal, which he wanted to have happen onboard the "Cascades."

Susan Gilmore, Seattle Times Staff reporter, gives a full accounting of the Railroad Romance, which included the conductor, a private table for two, as well as how the event came to be captured on video!

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The groom said he chose the train for to perform the proposal because "The train is special for us, symbolic. It make you slow down in life and bridged long distances between two faraway places."

Amen , brother, Amen!

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Romance is still alive thank goodness- I will have to take more trips aboard the AMTRAK- this story brings to mind one of my favorite movies "Some Like It Hot' and my favorite scene is Marilyn Monroe, in one of my favorite dresses (black fringe) singing in the pullman with a ukelele "Running Wild"

LinesWest said...

Neat story. I've often thought of the train as "enforced quiet time." It really does force you to slow down and think about things. It's a unique mode of travel.

Now, as for great RR romances, I think it might be the 20th Century Limited as featured in North by Northwest that I remember best.

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