Sunday, December 12, 2010

Singapore Crossing

Port Townsend, today. Today is a "Kodak Moment." Both the VLOO B Whale and C Whale were alongside for a few hours early today in Singapore. Both vessels taking on fuel and supplies.

The reunion was short lived, and the track line shows B Whale once again westbound, with the destination not showing up on the position report yet. Ship owners in competitive markets don't reveal too much about their activities. I've lost track of the A Whale.

In the Position Report, you can see just what a choke point the Strait of Singapore is. "Boxes" are ships at anchor, either waiting for dock space or taking on fuel and supplies. "Arrows" are vessels in motion.

In another breaking development, I just located a photo of the brand spanking new M/V E Whale. I am corresponding with the photographer for permission to use the picture here on Oil-Electric.

Somewhere, the D Whale is lurking. And I am "on it!"

Well it seems like we got switched onto a ore mine short line this fall. As you recall, I was successful in tying the VLOO A Whale to the Carajas Mine and broad gauge Heavy Haul railroad in Brazil. And then caught the VLOO B Whale heading for Saldanha Bay South Africa.

That lead us to the second longest Heavy Haul iron ore railroad. The conclusion of the Saldanha Bay Export Line is in the works. It suffered mission creep and got out of hand. More like a book than an article. I will be releasing it next.

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