Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Toonerville Circle!

Port Townsend, today. I've not been shy in expressing my feelings about "Toonerville Trolleys." (Light Rail.) My choice has always been Bus Rapid Transit (BRT.)

But there is another transportation issue I've been "in the closet on" for way too long. I feel the need to "come out." I really have issues with what I refer to as the "MMC" or Mickey Mouse Circle.

The "eclectic" crowd up here in beautiful Port Townsend decided we needed to add some class to this already designated Victorian Seaport - one of only three such designated in the US - so we are hours away from inauguration of our first "MMC."

While I was watching Judge Judy, it occurred to me, "damn! Now that the majority got their traffic circle, let's go all the way! Let's go for a 'Toonerville Trolley!'"

Then we could combine the best of both of the worst! A "Toonerville Circle!"

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