Friday, April 16, 2010

Maintenace of Way

Port Townsend, today. My sister lives over in Blaine, right on the Burlington Northern Santa-Fe main line into Canada. She is ever so grateful that I am not interested in photographs of GE "Toaster Ovens" or Jimmies "Made in Mexico."

More than one conversation has been drowned out as south bound units ratchet up passing her place, having just cleared customs.

One day she told me a work train had parked in front of her place. She was getting gassed out. She finally called the local constabulary, who called BNSF, who finally moved the units.

She caught this maintenance of way equipment the other day. Sort of a cross between a miniature grader with a rotor till aft. Could this be a ballast regulator of some sort?

Prince Rupert, September 1958. This is my memory of "maintenance of way equipment." These fellows seemed to be from Eastern Europe. Didn't speak English too well. But when I showed up with my camera, smiles broke the language barrier.

At least for one of them!

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Eric said...

Looks like a Kershaw ballast regulator, Robert. Makes nice sculpted ballast profile, requiring fewer of those shovels shown in the second photo.

Haley's Dad said...

Yep, that's a ballast regulator. Note the blades on the front and folded up on the sides. Those in addition to the box that resembles a rototiller are all used to develop the proper profile of the ballast.

Unknown said...

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