Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comments & Broken Links

Port Townsend, today. From time to time we need to do a little house cleaning around here. And "the time has come to speak of many things ..."

An optional "Comment" entry is available at the end of each article. The purpose being to encourage you to add to the story; to share an antidote or similar experience.

I am acutely aware of mis-information propagated through user groups and forums. I dare say I expend more effort than many, to verify my writings. However, in the final analysis, the "views and opinions presented are mine."

I don't respond to confrontational comments delivered with attitude. This is a Blog; not a pointless chat channel where you can rant and rave while hiding behind the anonymity of the keyboard.

"Praise in public; punish in private."

If you feel strongly about an issue, write a message and send it to my email address. If you are civil and cool, we may dialog. If you don't spell check and include at least your first name, then you've wasted your dime.

"Comments" are exactly that; not a forum for mindless chit-chat or boorish behaviors.

Despite the fact we have requested that broken links (red hyperlinks to other pages) be reported so we can fix them, for some unknown reason, this is not happening.

With more than 400 articles posted, I have never received a note reporting a busted link. And they are there; I've discovered a few in spot checking certain articles.

Broken links happen for a number of reasons, most beyond my control:

* Sites get reorganized without installing pointers to new pages.

* Pages are dropped for any number of reasons.

* "Hobbyist" bloggers like myself, lose interest and lose domain name.

*"404 - page not found," indicates possible server problems or busy pages.

We had a major melt down when GeoCities shut down last year. Many subscribers to that service, who were not paying attention, lost their web sites, resulting in broken links at my end.

Bottom line - if you find a broken link, please take a moment to click on the Upside Down Aeroplane in the right margin and let us know. We'd appreciate it!

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