Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Toonerville Trolly Update!

So Monday afternoon, one of Seattle's Toonerville Trolleys derailed - just before rush hour. Now it is creating havoc.

Had Seattle opted for BRT - Bus Rapid Transit - a disruption like this would be a minor annoyance that could be quickly and easily routed around.

Fixed systems are totally inflexible. The tax payers should never have been sold such a White Elephant! Next issue will be snow and ice. Freezing rain shuts the Portland MAX Toonerville down predictably every winter ...

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Bjorn Palenius said...

Streetcars and Trolley buses still have SO much more charm (despite a mishap like this) Buses and cars have fumes and are bad for the environment! PERIOD!

Oil-Electric said...


Well, that sure in hell shut down further discussion ...

By the way, yelling is not acceptable behavior.


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