Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MBTA Rescue / Photogenic Nose

News Flash!

It doesn't get any closer than this!

Heart stopping MBTA rescue video from Boston. The incident happened about 10:30PM on Friday November 6th. Police say the woman had just left a Celtics game and was on her way home.

Video courtesy MBTA, NECN and the Boston Globe.
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Whew! And now on with our story ...

GN 276B, Interbay Yard Seattle, January 9, 1960. My buddy Elwin and I are making the rounds, which included Interbay Yard sandwiched in between the Lake Washington Ship Canal to the north and Elliott Bay to the south.

GN 276A and B have just parked their consist, having just arrived from Portland. I wonder if anyone else other than GN numbered an "A" unit with a "B" number? "C" and "D" seem logical, but "B?"

While there is no discussion that the "bulldog" nose of the Electro Motive Division’s cab units combine beauty with function, there is something very “beefy” about the Ray Patten inspired "flat nose" ALCo cab.

Which do you prefer? Cast your vote for the most photogenic nose in the Official Nose Survey found in the right hand margin. (You won't find top drawer stuff like this on the worlds most popular picture posting site!)

Railroad Stuff: Great Northern 267B, built by ALCo as a 1,600 horsepower FA-1 in April 1950. Serial Number: 77016. Carried the Great Northern Empire Builder paint scheme (as pictured) and spared the hideous Big Sky Blue following the merger. Traded to General Electric in May 1988 for a U33C.

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Anonymous said...

Who needs that other site anyway?

I've always loved that brutish alco nose. Thanks Robert!


Eric said...

As we call it in Canada, the MLW (Montreal Locomotive Works) nose.
I was comparing some similar B&W shots of CN F and FPA noses for an upcoming VIA consist blog post, and the MLW FPA4 nose definitely is more distinctive and arguably has more character. IMHO,

Robert in Port Townsend said...

I would have to concur, Eric. To tell you the truth, it wasn't until this post that I'd given it much thought. I was stymied as to what unique story to tell of the shot when it occurred to me to do the nose job! I have an earlier post in color taken in Vancouver of the FA. The "Empire Builder" paint scheme was MADE for the FA/PA nose!

Anonymous said...

The Alco snoz was the best to be seen! Forget the Bulldog, it's over rated.

As for the numbering, I believe the Milwaukee road also used B suffix on many of it's A-units.

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