Thursday, November 5, 2009

Deadly Rail Grinders

Do you have a story about a fire allegedly ignited by a passing ginder train?

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Eric said...

Hi Robert,
Not only are Speno/Loram making an effort to contain fires (water cars and hoses used in the consist), but recently they have had a contractor follow the train with a water truck. Of course they can always do better, and no-one wants any kind of accident or worse to occur.

I was surprised one night to see CN intermodal freight trains passing the grinding train at speed.

I'm never surprised when the local F.D. gets called out, whenever grinding is taking place, for a "train on fire", usually called in by motorists on adjacent roads. I've idly wondered if the railway should give notice to emergency services in the jurisdictions where grinding is occurring.


SDP45 said...

Last time a railgrinder came through here, I had to call the fire department, as the grinder was long gone, but there was a pretty good tire fire. Fire crew came by and we (I was there watching) put it out. They said the railroad would be billed accordingly.


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