Friday, October 30, 2009

"Let the Games Begin!"

BC Premier Gordon Campbell holding Olympic Flame in miners lamp, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robinson, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Olympic Torch
arrived this morning from Greece, at the Victoria International Airport (formerly known as Patricia Bay Airport) on board a Canadian Forces CC-150 Polaris.

The Olympic flame had its own row of seats on the Canadian military plane. There were actually four flames and six lanterns aboard the flight - the logistics of the coming 106 day relay mean organizers must have several lanterns to ensure one is always ready to go.

The 106 day tour covering 28,000 miles through more than 1,000 communities, will be carried by more than 12,000 runners, and is scheduled to arrive in Vancouver on February 12, 2010.

Bookmark this site to follow the flame to Whistler!

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Eric said...

OK I gotta ask. Is the flame slated to travel on a train at any time during its Canadian journey?

It's indeed a memorable sight to see, having seen the flame here in Kingston on its way to Calgary, Alberta in 1988. My sister was directing a choir, and since it was just before Christmas, they sang the carol "Torches".


Robert in Port Townsend said...

That's a great question, Eric. Your homework assignment is to find out, and let the rest of us know!

Eric said...

Hi Robert, I still haven't heard yea or nay about the flame on rails in Canada, but a large number of support and RCMP vehicles were shipped east this week by CP, so maybe, just maybe. Is there a cauldron car similar to the one UP used? Not that I've heard yet.

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