Saturday, October 10, 2009

Corbin Foss Update

Back in February, we reported the fire on board the Foss Maritime tug "Corbin Foss," while undergoing upgrades at a drydock in Seattle. She had been assigned duty towing the Canadian National Railway "AquaTrain" rail barge between Prince Rupert and Whittier.

My sources at Foss tell me the "Corbin" has been returned to service following the fire and is now down Mexico way in support of oil exploration operations. Tough assignment!

The "Barbara Foss" is on station in Prince Rupert, hauling that massive rail barge across the Gulf of Alaska. The run from Prince Rupert to Whittier is about 400 miles shorter than from Harbor Island.

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Anonymous said...

Justine Foss has been towing the 'Aquatrain' to Whittier from Prince Rupert for 3 to 5 years now

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