Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Prince Rupert Rail Images"

Port Townsend, today. Introducing Scott Duffus. Scott has an interesting rail blog entitled “Prince Rupert Rail Images.” What makes his blog so interesting is that Scott is a current resident of Prince Rupert BC, whilst my offerings were shot there when my family were residents some 50 years ago!

Geeze! When I put it that way, 50 years ago, that’s a gawd damn half century ago. Funny thing is that I don’t feel that old!

I’ve been hoping to see more posts from Scott, but he explained to me that he is a very busy family man, while I am retired and have more free time to devote to my writings.

I really look forward to Scott's postings because I am anxious to see the changes made from when we lived in Prince Rupert. When I look at Scott’s blog, I am amazed to see big bore horsepower that I cannot identify, and changes in the scenery that I can’t comprehend!

For example, you’ll see Trans Canada Highway 16 blacktopped, with a center line and fog line! It had only been opened about 15 years before we moved up there in 1957, dusty gravel in the summer time, muddy gravel in the winter.

Always Expect a Train
Scott recently posted a series of truck vs train shots. These are the type of incidents we hate to see because they are so avoidable. And the outcome for the railroad is not pretty. While the tractor avoided serious damage, the tailer took the brunt force, and the locomotives, millions in damages. By the way, please help Scott sort out the originator of these photographs for proper credit.

This one’s for you, Scott, westbound passenger extra July 1958, near Telegraph Point (?) on the magnificant Skeena River!

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