Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yet Another Interesting Web Site!

Port Townsend - today. Just completed a major overhaul of my computer system; upgrading the operating system, installing new photo processing software, monitor calibration system and new printer. This should improve the quality of the photos - i.e. "garbage in, art work out!"

Having worked for many years as a video producer, one of our on-going cliches was "we can fix it in post!" which was to say, never mind how bad the video is as we shoot it, we can always fix it during editing.


Since much of my work involved burning houses down, I soon lost that cavalier attitude, because you cannot go back and "re-shoot" a burning house!

Whilst poking around to see what's what on the rail blogs, I tripped over this site - Western Rails - which I highly recommend. Especially the hard-to-find photos and information on industrials and short lines.

The final step in removing the Port Townsend rail bridge is taking place. All of the trestle sections are gone and soon, this chapter in Port Townsend railroading will only exist in memory banks ...

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