Thursday, August 21, 2008

In my own backyard! Updated.

Port Townsend, August 21, 2008. Work began today as part of an ambitious initiative “pulling piles” on the old Milwaukee Road trestle. The purpose of this initiative, proposed in 2002, is to remove creosoted pilings, which are slowly but continually leaching harmful chemicals into the Puget Sound. This chemical release has been contributing to the overall degradation of water quality, naturally affecting the critters that live in this magnificent waterway, for many years.

An enthusiastic partner in this reclamation program, the Washington State Ferry system – largest ferry system in the USA, laid out their plan for replacing numerous structures including wingwalls, pilings and dolphins at all their ferry terminals on the Puget Sound. The total number of pilings within the ferry system alone is staggering!

In addition to the State Ferry System, dozens of communities are slowly but surely removing pilings and other decaying structures within their respective jurisdictions. As an example, just last year, the Point Hudson Marina here in Port Townsend was completely stripped of all piles, and a new marina emerged featuring concrete piles and floats. You will see in
this document, that water turbidity created by piling removal and protection of wildlife is a serious consideration.

Other sites in “my back yard” include the “PT RR Trestle –Site 3” removing the rail bridge, and “wye” shaped trestle, last operated as part of the 14th Subdivision of the Milwaukee Road.

I wrote a brief history of railroading here in Port Townsend, “In my own back yard!” which is consistently ranked in the Top Ten reads for this blog. I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, and immerse yourself in some interesting history!

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It's sad to see those "last rails" go! - ACM

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