Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time Out!

Southern Pacific 9010, Oakland Yard, 1964. I am amazed at the amount of "questionable" information floating around on the internet concerning certain locomotives.

While we all strive for accuracy, it does take some time to verify your sources, as I was taught as a radio newsman back in the late '60's, by up to three individual sources.

I've spent a lot of time working with the Krauss-Maffei fleet owned by Southern Pacific, and this is my analysis:

Following the "Original" orders by Espee and DRGW of three units each, an additional order of fifteen units was placed by Espee in 1963, 9003 through 9017. These units were renumbered in the massive re-numbering scheme of 1965 to 9106 through 9120.

SP 9010 was the original number in the 1963 order. It was re-numbered 9113 in 1965. And following being "vacated" in 1967, was rebuilt as camera car SP8799, used to create films for use in simulator training.

Is my "analysis" correct? Open to your comments!

Howard Wise writes, there are two road numbers missing - SPWM 1 and SPMW 1166, then SP 8799! Gads!

Here's what she looked like in her final hours - what a sad scene!

Thanks to Howard for the info and the photo!

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