Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prince Rupert Update

It's been interesting for me to follow the development of the state-of-the-art container facility in Prince Rupert. We lived there from 1957 through 1959, and the City was powered by the fishing industry, logging, and the Pulp Mill at Watson Island. That was an extremely specialized facility, manufacturing stock that would become x-ray film. One of my train chasing buddies, and oldest friend, Mike, worked out there as a process engineer.

But I digress.

Yet more feedback concerning Prince Rupert’s World Port, which I covered in detail last fall. This time, a Port of Seattle official expresses concern over the impact the Asian - Prince Rupert- Canadian National connection may have long term on the Port of Seattle.

In recent business news article in the Seattle P-I, Port of Seattle Seaport Managing Director
Charlie Sheldon said, “the port considers Prince Rupert a major threat.”

I’ll bet there are a lot of college students studying this model in their international business classes!

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