Sunday, May 11, 2008

ALCo with a Broken Nose!

Great Northern Railroad 310, Interbay Yard, Seattle, December 1960. Starting to get a little nervous about graduating in six months, and heading off to college. As much as I loved hanging around the railroad, it’s not in the cards.

Anyway, grabbed my camera and ran up to Interbay to see what’s cooking. Found this FA1 with a broken nose!

Tough to find anyone around on the weekends. Finally found a hostler working outside, and he said that from what he understood, this unit clipped a caboose that wasn’t far enough into the hole, down at Castle Rock. He didn’t offer up anything more, and I knew better than to ask!

If it was a wooden caboose, kindling. But GN ran a fleet of steel cabooses. Loved to have seen what she looked like!

Railroad Stuff: Great Northern 310A, Built by ALCo as a FA1, 1,600 horsepower in April 1950. Serial number 77017. Spared the Big Sky Blue, and traded in 1966 for a U28C.

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