Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alaska Rail Road 1502

Alaska Rail Road 1502. Date and Location of photograph are unknown. Why oh why didn’t I take a moment to put some information on the back of the picture?

The Alaska Rail Road was unique in that its very existence required an umbilical cord to the Lower 48 in the form of rail barges. Plug “boxcars” into the Google Search box on the right margin to bring up previous articles detailing this vital link. And watch for two more articles now in production, bringing this activity up to date!

Turns out this lady had a
colorful history on the ARR!

I don’t know how you feel about this ending, but I am sickened to see a mighty locomotive reduced to a
circus sideshow. I think had Americana displayed her in her original blue and yellow Alaska Rail Road paint scheme, I would have felt much better about it.

By the way, Alaska Rail Road 1502 has been immortalized in HO scale –
DCC ready – for your layout!

Railroad Stuff: Alaska Rail Road 1502, built by General Motors as an F7A, 1,500 hp, built December 1952, serial number 17711. Retired 1985.

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Unknown said...

1502 is no longer there. Do you remember the lady you spoke with? Can you call her and find out what happened to this unit? - John,

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