Friday, March 7, 2008

Shoebox #1, Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd #17

Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited #17, Snoqualmie Washington, date unknown. Years ago I bought a shoebox full of locomotive photographs at a bookstore at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. For the most part it was a boondoggle – a lot of out of focus or poorly exposed photos – with little or no information on the backs of the photos.

Recently I re-visited the shoebox, and took a closer look at its contents. Low and behold, I found this gem, and several others. Taken by god-knows-who at the Puget Sound Railway Historical Association’s Puget Sound & Snoqualmie Valley Railroad at Snoqualmie Washington, CC (D) Ltd #17 running live!

This locomotive was used to haul coal from
the mines on Vancouver Island to the giant coal dock at the deepwater port of Union Bay, on the east coast of Vancouver Island, north of Victoria.

There, sailing ships, steam ships, tugs and barges loaded coal, not only for bunkering, but destined to heat the houses and buildings of San Francisco, and other destinations.

Here is an interesting article about life at Union Bay, including a description of how the outhouses were “sanitized!”

A pony truck was added to the 0-6-0T to create a
2-6-0T, to make the engine track better! The saddle tank leaked so badly that a tender was added. Here is a shot of Number 14 tiptoeing across the coal dock in 1955!

Mr. Alexander Dunsmuir is the namesake of Dunsmuir California, renamed from a boxcar station named “Pusher” in his honor. The next time you pass through Dunsmuir on the I-5, be sure and appreciate the water fountain built in his honor, with Dunsmuir touted as having the “freshest water” in the world! Indeed, my favorite bottled water is “Crystal Geyser” which originates at Mt Shasta!

Railroad Stuff: Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd #17, Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1886, 2-6-0T+T, nee Wellington Collieries 0-6-0T.

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