Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Static Display #3: GN 1246

Woodland Park, Seattle, August 1959. Great Northern’s colorful age of steam came to an end in August 1957. Three-dozen engines were laid up through the winter of 1957, but were never fired up. At its peak in 1920, GN had 1,428 steam engines on the books. Shown here is GN Class F-8 Consolidation, presented to the City of Seattle on July 18, 1953 and displayed at Woodland Park.

This beautiful 2-8-0 was class F-8, built by Rogers Locomotive Works, in 1907. She was an oil burner with Stephenson valve gear, and tractive effort of 41,540 pounds.

Great Northern donated several locomotives to various communities, including

Number 1, “William Crooks,” St. Paul Depot, June 1954
Number 1355, 4-6-2, Sioux City Iowa
Number 1147, 2-8-0, Wenatchee City Park
Number 3059, 2-8-2, Williston North Dakota

In the 1980’s the City of Seattle sold GN 1246 to some fellow down near Klamath Falls, who was supposed to restore her. But this is what was located in a field 20 years later, in 2002. Hardly looks like a “restored” locomotive. I cannot find any information later than that posting.

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SDP45 said...

Too bad that a fine steamer was let go by the city. They have no memories of the past.


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