Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Putt-Putt" Follow-up

Port Townsend. Today. Had a phone converstation with my buddy Mike H. in England. I met Mike in Prince Rupert whilst shooting photos in the yard. But that's another story another time.

I related to him my "Putt-Putt" story, and he said, "You know, I had a ride on one of those Speeders, up on the Skeena River!"

Apparently, Mike had parked his motor vehicle and hiked some distance down track to shoot some photos. As he was walking back a Speeder came up behind him, and the fellow offered Mike a ride back to his car.

It was totally open, no cab, and Mike explained it was a simple matter of a belt drive engaging the drive shaft and away they went, barreling down the track with Mike hanging on for dear life. You should know that Mike is quite the unflappable British Subject.

He asked the fellow - "What's the rush?"

They guy replied there was a freight train coming!

Mike said: "Speed it up!"

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