Friday, December 21, 2007

Giant Rolls of Toilet Paper

Port Townsend, Today. Watching the Channel Five News at Eleven out of Seattle, they ran a story about the shut down of the toilet paper mill in Bellingham. Uhm. Brings back memories!

I was a "grip" on a Dave Alexander Productions Company film crew, filming a safety program for Georgia-Pacific at the paper mill in Bellingham.

We saw toilet paper rolls that were 12 feet in diameter, 12 feet high, being spooled onto cutting machines that produced your standard roll of toilet paper.

We called them "
Paul Bunyan" toilet paper rolls!
Most enlightening for me to see, was that off those rolls, a dozen or more "corporate" images, from Fred Meyer to Safeway, were spooled! All from the same stock! But of course, to the consumer, at a variety of prices!

As is typical of "corporate" image stories that usually preclude a major lay-off or, in this case, shut down, read this
glimmer story!

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