Sunday, November 25, 2007

Self Propelled Rail Cars

Fort Bragg California, October 1966. I was driving to Seattle on leave (stationed at Hamilton AFB from 1963 – 1967), choosing the 101 over I-5, which was still under construction. Plus that, the 101 is more scenic!

I ran across this little gem, making a heck of a racket at the grade crossing. Looks like a revenue load! This is California Western M-100, a self-propelled rail bus. She was purchased to carry passengers and loggers along the line running from the famous Mendocino Coast inland to Willits, California. Manufactured by Edwards Rail Car Company. Someone told me this was a one-of-a-kind circa 1925, and earned the skunk logo because - they stank!

Many railroads, especially logging roads, came up with some sort of self propelled rail car that did not require a locomotive and tender, especially for “local” runs. The concept reached it’s zenith with the Budd RDC’s rail diesel cars, offering a full range of self propelled cars in several imaginative “floor plans!”

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