Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Prince Rupert Engine House Update

Wow! What a shock to see the changes made since this photo was taken in 1958. The three diesel oil tanks - gone! The sanding tower and water tanks, including the historic hex wood stave water tank - gone! The Engine House no longer does anything more than keep the road engines out of the weather during lay over, and the road crews get a premium for pulling the engines out and running out to their train. The massive WWII Ocean Dock burned down years ago, and was never replaced. The ariel photos I looked at show a rubble beach revetment. And the grain elevator at the south end of the yard is - gone! A new elevator was built out at Ridley Island adjacent to the Tumbler Ridge Coal Terminal. And the passenger rail station which featured a overhead bridge to allow passengers to walk into down town - sits all alone at the end of track!

I think I should not have gotten so curious as to what changes have taken place. I'd like to remeber it the way it was, when I was a young man climbing over the engines, and riding the yard goat ...

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